Category: Youth Homelessness

Isaac’s personal experiences with substance use and homelessness help him connect with youth he interacts with daily at Operation Come Home. But safeguarding his mental health means investing in the right resources—that’s what United Way and the Community Services Recovery Fund make possible.
United Way's own Aidan Liebich shares her experience participating in the 24 Hours for Homelessness Challenge with Operation Come Home during record-freezing temperatures.
We met with the Alliance to End Homelessness to break down the local affordable housing crisis and ways to get involved in this issue.
The pandemic has been extraordinarily difficult for vulnerable youth, which has led to an increase in homelessness and barriers to vital services.
United Way and our social enterprise partners are empowering youth experiencing homelessness on their path to financial independence.
Charlotte Smith, a masters of sociology student and advocate, talks about youth homelessness, its root causes, and what we can do to make a difference for young people in our communities.
Homelessness, an issue that was hard to see in normal times, is even more in the dark because of the pandemic. See how we’re supporting youth like Ciizzy to find housing and a fresh start.
After experiencing homelessness, Charlotte and Bailey are now researching how to get other young people off the streets with the help of United Way.
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