Who we are

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We’re GenNext East Ontario, a social impact movement on a mission to inspire and enable the next generation of change-makers to fuel 100% local impact in our communities.

We believe in the power of local love. ❤️

We take great pride in where we live, work, and play. We know you do too.

It’s this local love that fuels our efforts to tackle the toughest social issues.

We’re passionate about creating meaningful, relevant connections for our supporters, so you can learn about the needs in our region and help make 100% local impact.

The GenNext movement is powered by United Way East Ontario’s team: a group of creative thinkers, local advocates, and digitally-driven philanthropists who love (and miss) making in-person connections. Together with our supporters and advocates, we’ve got big goals of making our region better for everyone.

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Causes you care about

Mental Health. Youth Homelessness. Diversity and Inclusion. Equitable Employment. These are the areas we work in to advocate for change, rally for support, and ultimately, address the most pressing issues in our region.

Region-wide force for good

Social issues aren’t limited by geography—they transcend boundaries and affect the well-being of our entire region. Previously known as GenNext Ottawa, in 2021 we became GenNext East Ontario and now represent and work with communities across Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark and Renfrew Counties.

Together, we’re a formidable force for good. In alignment with United Way East Ontario’s impact strategies, we have the power to leverage our regional footprint and drive change on a larger scale than ever before.

How we work

GenNext East Ontario is your connection to the work of United Way in our region.

By bringing together local partners, government, community organizations and donors, we identify where our communities need help the most and where we can achieve the greatest results. Here’s how:

We Invest.

Together with our expert volunteers, we evaluate and fund programs and initiatives that deliver lasting, measurable change.

We convene.

We find and bring together the right people and organizations across all sectors to help tackle complex challenges.

We research.

We use data analysis and evidence to inform our decisions and understand the diverse challenges our neighbourhoods face.

We advocate.

We speak up and advocate for action on local issues—especially for the most vulnerable, whose voices often go unheard.

We fundraise.

We seek out support for our causes by raising funds, leveraging grants, and securing strategic partnerships.

United Way East Ontario is committed to 100% local impact. That means every dollar we invest stays in the community where it was raised—where it is needed most and will have the greatest impact. Learn more about United Way’s work, community investments, operations, transparency and accountability here.

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How you can join us

We bring together young leaders, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and local creatives to help them connect with each other, learn about our causes and how to support our communities.

If you’re interested in getting involved with your community and making a meaningful, lasting impact, we invite you to join our movement:

Frequently asked questions

As a GenNext supporter, you will connect with people and organizations who want to make a difference, while learning about the unique challenges facing our region, and what you can do to make a meaningful, lasting impact.

When you make a donation to GenNext East Ontario, you are investing in causes you care about and ultimately supporting United Way East Ontario’s 100% local initiatives that bring about measurable change for our communities’ most vulnerable people.

We believe you should feel confident when supporting a charity, and we’re committed to full transparency, accountability, and cost-efficiency. Charity Intelligence, MoneySense and Maclean’s named United Way East Ontario a top-100 Canadian charity.

Donate now

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

Find community, social, government, and health services services closest to you through 211. Visit 211ontario.ca or call 2-1-1.

When we say our mission is to fuel 100% local impact across Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark and Renfrew Counties, it means every dollar we invest stays in the community where it was raised—where it is needed most and will have the greatest impact.

We know that there isn’t just one, singular issue facing our communities. The problems people face tend to build on one another—creating complex challenges. 

That’s why GenNext supporters don’t just rally behind one cause. Instead, we’ve highlighted four major challenges that are currently affecting the most vulnerable people across our region: mental health, youth homelessness, diversity and inclusion, and equitable employment.

Learn more about our causes

There are several ways you can show your support for GenNext East Ontario. 

  • Attend our virtual and in-person events.
  • Join GenNext+—our group of monthly supporters—and help make lasting change possible.
  • Donate to GenNext East Ontario and help us tackle the root issues behind our causes. When you make a donation, you can choose to support one of our causes, or let us invest your gift where help is needed most.
  • Follow @GenNextEastON on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter for a recap of what we’re working on, stories of local love, event invites, volunteer opportunities, and more.
  • Become a GenNext Advocate and develop your communications, marketing, fundraising, or event planning skills with United Way East Ontario.


Get involved today

When you join GenNext+—our group of monthly donors—your ongoing support provides GenNext East Ontario with the reliable funds needed to fuel lasting change in our region. 

Monthly donations have lower administrative costs than other fundraising methods, meaning your money goes even further. Plus, setting up a recurring dollar amount makes your long-term planning and budgeting easier. 

You’ll also get special discounts, first-dibs on event tickets, and other fun GenNext+ perks. 

Join GenNext+ now

GenNext East Ontario is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our GenNext Advocate program. It’s an opportunity for you to develop your communications, marketing, fundraising, or event planning skills with United Way. Become a GenNext Advocate and you’ll be a key connection between our team and GenNext East Ontario supporters, helping us grow the program. 

Find out more

Whether you’re into networking or learning new skills, our virtual and in-person events are a great way to discover something new, connect with interesting people, make friends and meet mentors, all in support of our causes.

Check our events calendar

There are several ways your business, organization or workplace can support GenNext East Ontario.

  • Become a GenNext sponsor to connect with local change-makers, strengthen your organization’s profile as an active community leader, and highlight your brand’s social values.
  • Stand up for a cause: Mental Health, Youth Homelessness, Equitable Employment, or Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Start a campaign at your workplace and engage employees while fundraising for local causes that align with your company’s goals.
  • Leverage our expertise and programs within your organization to help move the needle. We’ve taken a leadership role in equitable employment to help support workplaces with their hiring processes.

Find out more

We can help with that! Please send your donation details and required changes to gennext@unitedwayeo.ca and we will adjust it for you.

For more information about United Way East Ontario, visit unitedwayeo.ca.

Send an email with your question to gennext@unitedwayeo.ca and we’ll get back to you soon.

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